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Event: "Where Good-Quality Food Meets High-Hygiene Standards"
SATS Inflight Catering Centre 1, Main Inflight Catering Centre for Singapore Airlines (SIA)
17 March 2017

14 lucky members and their guests have joined us in this journey to have an insight view of SATS, the Largest Airline Caterer in Singapore. This tour provides a unique experience to view the making of different kinds of in-flight authentic cuisines and experience as well as learn how high-hygiene standards are met with excellent quality food at the same time.


Insights Gained During SATS Catering Tour
A New Perspective of SATS
The day was started off with a new perspective of SATS as we surprised members with the array of services SATS provides and how it has progressed to provide high-quality food with their state-of-the-art technologies.


Experienced How High-Hygiene Standards Are Met
Besides learning more about SATS on screen, members and guest experienced how SATS maintains high-hygiene standards at all times with their regime and advanced technologies.

Walkabout Around The SATS Kitchen
After going through the regime, members were given the opportunity to tour and view the latest technologies used to ensure freshness of cooked and uncooked food.

Ending The Tour With A Sweet Treat
Besides listening and viewing the entire food preparation process, the tour was ended off with a wide selection of in-flight food specifically catered for SIA flights.
A nice touch was added at the end as we gave out SATS Exclusive Ready-To-Cook sauces to each guest.

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