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If you are an existing Changi Rewards member, please log in using your OneChangi ID.

We have changed all Changi Rewards login to OneChangi ID. The OneChangi ID will allow you to enjoy all services and deals across our digital platforms including ChangiRewards.com, iShopChangi.com and the iChangi app. You will only have to remember one account login using your registered Changi Rewards email and password when interacting with our digital services.

If you have problems logging in with your Changi Rewards registered email, please click on the reset password link to get a new password to login in. Please note that by proceeding to reset your password for OneChangi ID, you will be agreeing to the OneChangi T&C as well.

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

Log in using your OneChangi ID

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At the Airport? Why not pick up a Changi Rewards card* and start earning points right away. Don't forget to register your card online, so that you can redeem your points, track your points balance, manage your account and more.


Download the iChangi App and get instant access to your Changi Rewards virtual card. Redeem points, vouchers and other e-rewards conveniently from the iChangi app.

* You may pick up a Changi Rewards card at various locations in the airport: Customer Service Counters, Changi Rewards booths and selected tenants at the Transit Departure areas and public areas at all Terminals.