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    1. The "Win a trip to the Cannes Film Festival" promotion (the "Promotion") comprising the lucky draw (“Lucky Draw”) specified in these terms and conditions (“T&Cs”) is organised by Changi Airport Group (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. ("CAG"). It is open to members of the Changi Rewards programme (“CR members”), a loyalty programme maintained by CAG, who are aged 18 years and above as of 17 January 2019 and who meet the minimum spending set out in Clause 2 below, except:

      1. directors and employees of CAG and its subsidiaries, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, CAG’s appointed agencies which include Ascentis Pte Ltd, The Ad Makers Pte Ltd, Kong, Lim & Partners LLP, Wincor Nixdorf Pte Ltd, all participating retail partners/shop tenants at Singapore Changi Airport and any other persons involved in organising, promoting and/or conducting the Promotion;

      2. immediate family members of persons who fall within the class of persons referred to in Clause 1.1.1 above. Immediate family members mean spouses, children, parents, parents-in-law and siblings;

      3. any person who is or becomes insane, deceased, insolvent or the subject of a criminal investigation, or has criminal proceedings instituted against him/her in any jurisdiction;

      4. any person whose participation in and/or association with the Promotion may cause (in the sole and absolute opinion of CAG) any of Singapore Changi Airport, CAG and/or the Promotion any disrepute, contempt, scandal, ridicule, or otherwise gives rise to any of Singapore Changi Airport, CAG and/or the Promotion being perceived unfavourably; or

      5. any other person or class of persons deemed ineligible or notified by CAG as being ineligible from time to time.

    2. CAG reserves the sole and absolute discretion to determine the eligibility of any person in relation to the Lucky Draw, and CAG may at any time before, during or after the Lucky Draw disqualify any person from participating in the Lucky Draw without providing any reason.

    3. Participation in the Lucky Draw is subject to these T&Cs. By participating in the Lucky Draw, participants agree to be bound by and to comply with the T&Cs, including any amendments, modifications and variations hereto which shall be final and binding in all respects on each participant upon notification and/or publication by CAG.


    1. CR members who spend a minimum of SGD60 of qualifying spend in a single receipt using a MasterCard International Incorporated (“MasterCard”) payment card and present a valid Changi Rewards membership card or e-card during payment at participating outlets from 17 January 2019 at 0000hrs to 8 March 2019 at 2359hrs (the "Promotion Period"), are eligible to participate in the Lucky Draw for the Prizes (as defined in Clause 3.1.1 below). The number of chances in the Lucky Draw for the Prizes are allocated as follows:


      Amount of Qualifying Spend in a Single Receipt using a MasterCard payment card

      No. of Chances for the Lucky Draw for the Prize

      SGD60 and above


    3. In determining the total qualifying spend for the purpose of calculating the number of chances for the Lucky Draw, the net spend using MasterCard payment cards will be considered and the following items shall be excluded:-

      1. amounts paid using vouchers (including Changi Dollar Vouchers, Changi Rewards eVouchers and/or Changi Gift Cards); and/or

      2. amounts paid for the purchase of tobacco products (including without limitation cigarettes, cigars, or any other form of tobacco, or any tobacco derivative or substitute).

    4. Participating Outlets:

      1. Subject to Clause 2.2 above and save for amounts spent at outlets stated in Clause 2.3(b) below, amounts spend on purchases and/or transactions made at all participating retail, food and beverage (“F&B”) outlets situated only in the public areas of all the terminals of Singapore Changi Airport are eligible to constitute the qualifying spend for the Lucky Draw.

      2. Purchases and/or transactions made at service outlets and at the following outlets situated within Singapore Changi Airport are not eligible to constitute the qualifying spend for the Lucky Draw:

        • Banks
        • Money changing facilities
        • Medical clinics
        • Top-up card machines
        • Postal services & Post-on-Wheels
        • Lounges (Bank / Airline / Ambassador / Pay-per-use lounges)
        • Transit Hotels
        • Hotel reservation counters
        • Airport shuttle counters
        • Car Rental
        • Changi Recommends outlets and service counters
        • Passenger meeting services counters
        • Left luggage service counters
        • Telecommunication outlets and service counters (e.g. M1)
        • Temporary outposts
        • Crowne Plaza Hotel (including all retail, F&B or service within the hotel premises)

        The list of participating outlets in the Promotion is subject to change by CAG at its discretion without prior notice.


    1. The following prizes have been allocated for the Promotion (“Prizes”):

    2. One (1) Lucky Draw will be conducted after the Promotion Period to select one (1) winner. Each winner shall receive:

      1. one (1) pair of backstage tour and tickets to red carpet experience and invitation-only film screenings ;

      2. one (1) pair of business class return air tickets to Cannes from Singapore;

      3. 2-nights’ stay at Hôtel Barrière Le Majestic;

      4. a make-up session; and

      5. photoshoot on priceless Cannes terrace.

    3. All Prizes are inclusive of applicable goods and services tax, but exclusive of travel insurance and visa applications.

    4. All Prizes are non-transferable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable for cash, credit, goods or benefits-in-kind, unless otherwise stated.

    5. CAG may at any time and without notice in its sole and absolute discretion and without assigning any reason, substitute any Prizes with any other item of a similar value.

    6. CAG makes no representation, warranty or undertaking whatsoever as to any implied terms or conditions with respect to the Prizes.

    7. CAG and its authorised agencies shall not be responsible for any consequences, including but not limited to loss of life, injury to person and/or damage to property, arising from or in connection with the Promotion, the Lucky Draw and/or redemption or use of the Prizes. Each participant agrees to indemnify and hold CAG harmless from and against any and all claims, damage, losses, costs or expenses suffered or incurred by the participant or by any other party in relation to the Promotion and/or Lucky Draw

    8. All winners will be notified in writing by email (“Email Notification”) to their registered email addresses and/or by any other means as determined by CAG by 22 March 2019.

    9. The winners are to redeem their Prizes by replying to the Email Notification and attaching a scan of his/her NRIC or passport for verification purposes. The Prizes must be redeemed within one (1) week of receiving the Email Notification. The contact details of the winners and any other necessary information will subsequently be shared with MasterCard. Each participant acknowledges that MasterCard shall be solely responsible for all travel bookings and other administrative procedures required in relation to the redemption of the Prizes, including liaising with the winners for the purposes of the foregoing.

    10. Prizes that remain unclaimed or unredeemed beyond the deadline set out in Clause 3.9 above shall be forfeited. Any participant whose Prize has been forfeited hereunder shall not be entitled to any payment or compensation. Failure to provide any information or material required for the redemption/collection of any Prize shall be deemed to be a failure to claim/redeem such Prize.

    11. Any Prizes awarded to a disqualified participant will be forfeited, and if collected, shall be returned to CAG promptly.

    12. In the event of a forfeiture of a Prize or disqualification of a winner for any reason, CAG reserves the right to select an alternative winner or donate any forfeited, unclaimed or unredeemed Prizes to charities of its choice.


    1. All qualifying CR members are to register their participation via www.changirewards.com/priceless to enrol in the Lucky Draw. After registration, CR members will be automatically enrolled in the Lucky Draw with the allocation of chances as per Clause 2.1 above.

    2. CAG will conduct one (1) Lucky Draw to select one (1) winner of the Prize.

    3. The winner of the Lucky Draw will be picked from all participants, subject always that each participant may only win one (1) Prize.

    4. CAG will conduct the Lucky Draw to select the winners of the Prizes on 13 March 2019 at the offices of CAG located in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2 or at such other date, time or venue as may be determined by CAG.


    1. CAG’s decision on all matters relating to the Promotion and/or Lucky Draw shall be final, conclusive and binding. No correspondence will be entertained.

    2. CAG reserves the right to vary the T&Cs at any time at its absolute discretion without notice. In the event of any inconsistency between these T&Cs with any other form of publicity collaterals relating to the promotion, these T&Cs shall prevail.

    3. This Promotion, Lucky Draw and these T&Cs are governed by the laws of the Republic of Singapore. CAG, all participants hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts in the determination of any matter or dispute arising in connection therewith.

    4. These T&Cs are not intended to confer rights to any third party under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act (Cap. 53B) to enforce any provision of these T&Cs, and the operation of the said Act is hereby excluded.

    5. All participants acknowledge and agree that CAG will be permitted to collect the personal data of all participants for the purposes of the Promotion, Lucky Draw, statistical analyses, marketing and/or survey participation solely in respect of the Promotion (the "Relevant Purposes"). CAG may also disclose such personal data to any of its service providers and/or agents solely for the Relevant Purposes.

    6. By participating in the Promotion, participants consent to the collection and use of the personal data by CAG as described above. Participants may contact CAG to request a copy of their personal data held by CAG and may correct any inaccuracies in such personal data. Please contact us via data.protection@changiairport.com for this purpose.

    7. All the terms and provisions set out in CAG’s privacy policy (which may be accessed at http://www.changiairport.com/general/privacy-policy) are hereby incorporated herein by reference with the same force and effect as though fully set forth in these T&Cs, and shall apply to all participants. In the event of any inconsistency between the provisions of the said privacy policy and the terms and conditions contained in these T&Cs, the latter shall prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.